What does it cost to live at Riverview Estates?

Room rates vary according to room type (private or shared) and level of care (assisted living, nursing, sub-acute or rehabilitation) needed. Additional fees may be charged for added services. Contact the Admissions Coordinator for more details at 856-829-2274 Ext 150.

How many residents live at Riverview Estates?

Riverview Estates is licensed for 60 Nursing Unit beds and 62 Assisted Living beds. 

Are residents allowed to come and go at will?

Residents are free to come and go as they wish. If a resident is leaving the facility, we ask that they notify the nurse and/or sign the resident sign-out book. This is for the resident’s safety and to make sure that all residents are accounted for and safe, especially in the event of an emergency.

What does “faith based community” refer to? Does a resident have to be a certain faith to live at Riverview Estates?

Riverview Estates (the Baptist Home of South Jersey) was founded by members of American Baptist Churches of New Jersey in 1954 to care for the aging people in their congregations. Since then Riverview Estates has opened its doors to people of all faiths, while still holding strong to its roots in the American Baptist denomination. Riverview Estates supports and includes all faiths. Link here to see a listing of worship services offered.

What age do I need to be to become a resident of Riverview Estates?

You must be 55 years or older to enter Riverview Estates.  You may be younger for a rehab stay. 

Can I keep my car?

You can bring your car to Riverview Estates and when available may have your own parking space. If you are unable to drive we also offer transportation services. Our coordinator assists with scheduling transportation for residents to Doctor Appointments.

Can I have a refrigerator and/or microwave in my room?

In Assisted Living you may have your own refrigerator and/or microwave. Each wing is provided with a hallway microwave and refrigerator where juice and milk are available. All food being stored in the hallway refrigerators must be labeled with the name of the owner and date. Anything not labeled correctly will be removed from the refrigerators. 

Can my family visit over night?

Riverview Estates offers guests rooms. The fee is $30/night. Reservations for a room can be made by calling the Front Desk at 856-829-2274 Ext 157.

Can I keep my own doctor?

Every resident has the right to choose his or her own doctor. 

I have a special diet, can you accommodate my needs?

Yes. Our Dining Services Department can handle most special dietary needs. We offer many alternatives to accommodate special diets.