Heartfelt thanks and love

Here is a letter we received from the daughter of one of our residents.  She is writing about a recent experience with our staff helping her and her mother change rooms within our facility.  

Hello everyone,

There no words to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who dropped everything to help me yesterday with my mother’s move!  We have known for quite some time now that we made a very wise move bringing our mother and grandmother to Riverview Estates for care.  My daughter lived in Riverton for many years and knew what a wonderful place it is.  When she found out her grandmother would be living there she was thrilled.  But nothing prepared us for the level of care she has received.  Care?  I mean LOVE!  I rarely get to visit during the week because I work full time.  My husband does and he has told me and of course when I come on the weekends I see but…yesterday was AMAZING!

I was pretty emotional on my way home thinking of all the love and kindness expressed from the staff who seemed to understand how overwhelmed I felt in the beginning.  Everyone rallied to make sure things went smoothly and I was very happy to finally be able to match some faces with names.  I expected my mother was going to be very upset – who isn’t with change - and was pleasantly surprised that she was less upset than I expected.  When you use the term “assisted living” you REALLY mean it!  Not only for my mother but for our family as well.

If I ever win the lottery you will all be first on my list!  You know a while back my mother was hospitalized and needed some rehab.  You had no room at the inn (LOL) so she went to another facility.  It is a brand new facility and like being in a Ritz-Carlton.  But every day my mother would ask – when am I going HOME?  And after about 4 days she had the choice to stay or go back to Riverview and she said…get me out of here and get me back home where people CARE about me!  Enough said little lady…back you go…to your HOME!  And the people who DO love you!!

From the bottom of my heart – thank you.  Doesn’t seem enough…but right now it is all I have.  All my heartfelt thanks and love,

Crystal Sada